• We keep an average stock of 150 to 200 containers ready at our yard, which increases the speed of delivery when the order is placed. This comes handy for us as high dependency on labor and erratic working pattern can otherwise make deliveries of small traders quite

  • The regular sizes in all product categories are produced all though the year & stock is built up. This enables us to accept orders of large projects & keep our delivery time commitment.

  • Our more than 2 decades of working experience makes us acquainted with which sizes, products and how much of ready stock to keep, to enable a smooth flow of delivery in the season-time of our valuable clients. This is all the more important as season in Europe is so short and nobody would like to be out of stock when customers come to buy.

  • The delivery time of any special sizes for a particular projects are calculated realistically & with conviction, thus avoiding inconvenience & penalties.